I've GOT to figure out a more effective way to get pictures on my computer. It's very simple on our laptop - just put the memory card in the side. but I don't want them saved on our laptop, I want them on our PC so I can burn them to a CD eventually. but on our PC we have to plug it in to our scanner/printer and save them that way. and that would be fine, except the printer aspect on that durn machiene doesn't work. so every time we want to print something there is much-ado with cords and plugging to a separate printer and I don't know how to make it work. and to top it all of, I don't know if I have the cord to do so, but I THINK I could upload them at work if I could find the stinkin cord. but for now, I have no pictures to put up. SO - click here: http://www.our365.com/NewbornPortraits/BabyDetail.aspx?birthid=ffc722cd-7651-4c2d-bc72-ce77c4c5edb1

I absolutely love these pictures of ava. She was 1 day old, maybe 2 at the most. these were taken after we were already in love with her, and probably why these very first few hospital pictures mean so much to me. her squinty eyes and super-puffed up cheeks. her tender hands. her dimple that showed from the get-go. her hair-line that glows right around the edges. the way her head was so cutely shaped (maybe only a mom can appreciate this) but she looks perfect to me. her feet, so tiny, soft and gently wrinkled. her contentment of being in her daddy's hands. her going home outfit we put her in even though it was too big because it was too cute I couldn't imagine bringing her home in anything else, even if it was baggy. and her piercing dark eyes that melt my heart to it's core. yes, that's when we fell in love with her. immediately.

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Matt and Jen said...

You can get memory card readers that can plug into a usb port on your computer so you can ge them off the memory card that way. Call me if you are interested and I can talk to you about it more (if this is something you didn't already know existed- I am hoping this can be my repayment for the amazing scraper you gave me a couple years back).