False labor / induction date!

It was Thursday night, after work, after dinner at chipotle, and I thought 'this could be it. This could be the real deal! And, this sucks.'

With ava I was induced so I never experienced the quick, grab the bag, my water broke, thundercats a goooooo! Moment. But the other night I was definitely mentally preparing myself for a possible hospital trip.

I called my own Dr and I called my brother/dr. Turns out, I was dehydrated. I sat on the couch for about 2 hours, dozing in and out of sleep and drinking lots of water. Sure enough, next morning I felt like a million bucks and Bella was right where she should be, still inside. Plus, I didn't have to get hooked up to monitors just to be told it was a false alarm. At least not yet.

My actual due date is Friday 7/29. At my last ultrasound (with 4 wks to go) they confirmed she is already appx 8lbs.  My Dr has decided it acceptable/appropriate to do an early induction due to her size and not wanting to risk her getting TOO big to deliver naturally.

Induction date: Wednesday 7/20

So although she may be a good 9-10lbs still, hopefully we can still have a successful natural delivery. (And by natural I do NOT mean without drugs...).

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