So Ava rolled over yesterday! and according to baby center, she did so just in the nick of time! It says 'your 3-month-old's development: week 4' has a new talent for rolling over. I wish we would have recorded it. It was so perfect, almost scripted. We (Sam & I & Ava) were all in her nursery. We changed her diaper & clothes and laid her on her stomach. We were talking to her and telling her to roll on over. She must be a good listener because *BAM* she did it! Next thing we knew she was on her back! both of our jaws dropped and we looked at each other, back at her, and POURED on the positive reinforcement. We are so proud.

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Caryl said...

that is just Ava's way of celebrating what we all celebrated one year ago today-the day we learned that she would be blessing our lives! Way to go Ava!