Outlook-ing my life...

I decided I would like to "Microsoft Outlook" my life. I wonder if that is possible. and I believe it is. I'm on a quest to figuring out how.

I would have file folders such as "Sam" and "Ava" in my favorite folders. I would have a "Family" file, a DCI file (Diamond Contractors Inc - my #1 job...see cool website that my brother designed { and if you need a website built he's REALLY good at it so you should definitely hire him}), a Commerce Bank file (my #2 job), a Lakeland file (and a folder in a folder for my small group) and probably a Bills file (since I should start keeping track of those...). wow. the possibilities are endless even as I type this! I can't wait!
and, I believe I would have a Blessings file for instances such as Saturday, and my daughter being said to have RSV and recovered in what seemed to be 3 days. things like that.

AND! I would have the Calendar turned on at all times with all things necessary in my life so as to not forget them. Like the birthdays of my sisters-in-law coming up, and the wedding reception we're going to this Saturday, things like this. (not that I would forget those, but, you get it.)

oh how fun that would be. I don't consider myself to be a "Type A" personality. I don't even know what that type means to be quite honest. but I sure do love Outlook and all it's goodness!

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