an eventful weekend!

this weekend in photos:
Is my baby girl about to roll over?? I think she's trying!

We are trying to get in a routine of bath, book, boob (ie: her dinner for lack of better words that are clevar and start with a B) and bed. here is her in her bath last night. she's upgraded from the sink baths to the real deal (with help from this excellent ramp to lay on) AND SHE LOVES IT!

This is Ava's puppy dog Rex, aka rexy. they say curiosity killed the cat...that cat must not have had a curious dog chasing him 24/7 and being so nosey that he sticks his head thru Jaxon's only safe haven - his basement room.

and this beautiful bracelet was given to Ava by her good friends Brenda and Katie - friends from Lakeland. It has her name and her birthstones (turquoise). B-E-A-Utiful!

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