Ava Update:
It's been 3 days since we've had to give her the aweful saline-up-the-nose trick and she's doing great! She slept 5 solid hours last night, along with 3 hours prior to eating. that gave me nearly 7 hours of sleep :) I'm thankful.

Other things I'm thankful for:

my loyal husband and my mostly-healthy daughter
sam's job, my job, my 2nd job, and my small group
knowing I will have lunch, dinner, and snacks in between to eat without fret
knowing I have a vehicle to drive to safely get me & Ava to and from work
knowing that I have clean water to drink, bathe my daughter in, and shower myself in
money to pay our bills
a warm house to go home to
and most of all, Jesus, to give us hope in life and forever after.

and, what's a post without a picture of Ava...and her ability to sleep like an angel in just about any position she falls asleep in...

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