it's been awhile.  it's always been awhile it seems. 
sam and I just returned from a fantastic vacation and left ava for the first time ever. 
harder than it looks, but it was a fantastic get-away and are glad to be home to our sweetness that we missed so much.  yes I did cry every day, so what?  but she probably had the best week of her life, with both sets of grandparents taking turns doting over her.  she is so lucky.

we are getting so excited for family, two new babies will be saying hello to the big world next spring!  my sister-in-law sue (in Columbia) and my cousin Jen (in Dallas).  yay for babies! 

and Ava just talks and talks and talks these days, with full sentences even!  I can't comprehend how time can go by so fast.  this month will only support that what with birthday parties and thanksgiving right around the corner!  THEN AVA TURNS 2! 

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