so-called "home cooking"

turns out I recreated a favorite Italian dish of my husband's and mine: chicken orecchetti! To taste the real deal, everyone should really try it at Cafe Verona on the Independence Square. It might be the best Italian dish there is. But, for those who don't want to leave the comfort of their own home...try this VERY easy version :)

1. (1) box of pasta noodles of choice
2. (1) jar of Classico spaghetti sauce {garlic flavored is a good one}
3. (1) jar of Bertoli or Classico Alfredo sauce {regular or garlic flavored}
4. (1) package of Tyson pre-cooked chicken strips
5. 1 tsp salt
6. 1/2 Tbsp crushed red pepper {or more if you like things very spicy}
7. add garlic salt & onion salt as you wish
  • heat the chicken in a skillet with a little olive oil {chicken is already cooked in package so heat time is minimal}
  • boil the noodles {obviously}
  • combine and cook red sauce & white sauce, stirring together to make an orange sauce
  • add in all desired spices and stir into sauce completely
  • combine sauce, noodles and chicken into one pan, mix together, and voila!


Katie said...

It IS delicious - I can attest

0812 Lane said...

oh thank you!