8 reasons being Ava's mom is so awesome!

1. I'm never ever lonely because I have a friend with me 24/7 {"you've got a friend" in me is now playing in my head}
2. She always listens and usually doesn't talk back
3. Her eating is a natural weight loss system for me and I LOVE IT!
4. I'm being told she looks just like me, and that's just fun
5. I get to tell her all the things I'm looking forward to for her--like Disney in a few years!!
6. Her taste of music is rubbing off on me and I listen to classical music MUCH more than before
7. She is inspiring my creative side & I'm going to try my hand at making her a soft and fuzzy Patchwork blanket
8. Her chin quivers when she is sad and it melts my heart and makes me want to do anything and everything in this world to make her happy. I can't think of a purer & crazier love.

...to be continued as I get to know her better...


Anna said...

this is so adorable. i can feel your smile through your sentences! {ok that doesn't really make a lot of sense in writing, but if you were in my head you would TOTALLY understand :) }


0812 Lane said...

I completely understand what you're saying :) thanks for getting me!