day 3

Day 3—Tuesday morning 4.1.08
Today is “tell all” day. We had planned on taking both our parents out to dinner to tell them all at once. Nathan, Katie & Carolyn also joined us. It was perfect. We went to 54th Street Bar & Grill and shared the joyful news after everybody ordered their food.
My mom—had NO CLUE that was coming! She threw her head back and started to tear up with excitement!
My dad—didn’t see it coming, but seemed filled with joy and hugged me and patted Sam’s let and just kept smiling!
Sam’s dad—seemed very happy and sort of in shock. Sam said he teared up a bit with excitement.
Sam’s mom—might be psychic—she said just that week she told someone at work she was ready to be a grandma. Then she said she had been thinking about it all day and thought that maybe we were pregnant. And the Sunday before (the day we actually found out the good news) she suggested that when we do have kids she thinks the first one will be a boy. So we shall see!!!
During dinner we called BJ & Sue and told them so they were in the loop, and Sue “absconded” the phone from BJ with excitement! I’m so thankful we both have such loving families who are so happy and excited for us! we are so richly blessed with the things that really matter in life!
After dinner we started calling and telling everyone. Some people might not choose to do it this way, but I couldn’t help myself. I’m so happy!

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