6w + 1d

According to my pregnancy journal, we've got ourselves a 1/4" dried pea, or in other words...a LIMABEAN! sure enough the little tyke should be forming longer arms & legs, hands and feet buds with tiny webbed fingers & toes! Other things that are forming are it's jaw, nose, tongue, lungs, muscle fibres, and it's intestines and brain are continuing to grow.

I told Sam last week it's a little weird to think that something is continually growing INSIDE of me! It's weird, but of course so very cool at the same time.

I have been feeling increasingly sicker this week. Monday was especially bad. However, according to the horror stories from some family and close friends, I CANNOT complain with the little sickness I've had. And Sam's been great, getting me whatever food I MUST have while he's at the store. So all in all it's going pretty great so far.

One thing I found that looks like it will be a must have will be this trendy Jeep stroller to go along with our Jeep entourage. It only seems fitting!

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