the baby to be...

day 1—Sunday nite 3.30.08 (which is actually about 4 weeks and 5 days in)
I was going to wait until Monday morning to take the test because I was already 4 days late but just decided if I’m pregnant then it’ll show up. If I’m not, I’ll re-test in a few days if I don’t start. Up until this point I have been taking the test and then leaving the room and Sam would be the one to read it and tell me. Well this time I just set it on the counter, and it started changing instantly! So I told sam, ‘you better come in here, you better come in here now’ and the plus sign was right there!!! We just stared at it for probably a minute and a half in disbelief. We matched up what we saw to what the picture said was positive and there it was. No mistake. we’re gonna have a baby!
I tried to do my own estimated due date and right now we’re looking at dec.2. another Christmas bundle of joy! Sam was quiet for a little bit, I think he was in shock. But as the night set it I could see he was getting more and more excited and the idea of it started setting in more.
We hung the first baby outfit I ever bought for our "soon to be child" on a white hanger and on our bedroom wall above our tv. It’s a baby gap onzie that says admi(red). And Katie already gave us some VERY CUTE little girl outfits. So who knows what it’ll be!

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