6 weeks and counting

we THINK today is 6 weeks for our baby's growth so far. I have a dr. appt. on Friday, 4/18 so hopefully they'll do a sonogram to find out for sure how far along we are. We're thinking about delivering at either St. Mary's or St. Luke's East. my dr. delivers at both, so one of these days Sam & I will do a visit to both and see which we prefer.

I am getting increasingly tired every day. Yesterday I felt light-headed, hungry, my stomach ached, and my head hurt pretty much all day long. Today is getting better, work has been easy so I can't complain about that.

Stuff that tastes extremely good:
kraft mozzerella string cheese
green apples w/ smuckers natural peanut butter

stuff that smells not-so-right anymore:
my perfume, Evolve (that's sad)

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