4 weeks & 6 days to go!!!

I can't hardly believe that we have less than 5 weeks to go until we meet our sweet baby girl! and...if my dr is right then it really could only be 3 weeks away...I really shouldn't count on that but I do think about it all the time--what if she comes early and is here in less than 3 weeks?!?!? I think I'm going to pack my bag this weekend actually, JUST IN CASE something crazy happens and she wants out early early.

She should be weighing in at right around 5.5 lb & 20.25 inches long, according to the i-am-pregnant website. and supposedly her fingernails are getting pretty long. I can feel her boney limbs more and more now, trying to stretch their way out of me.

I took this picture about a week ago and contemplated not posting it, but, I decided to anyway...looks so alienish...

One of my friends threw a shower for me last weekend and it was very much fun! Her nursery is coming together so nicely and is just so lovely. My brother is a phenomenal painter of murals come to find out and her room will be one of a kind, no doubt! once it is all complete I will post plenty of pictures so I can brag on him, because he's not one to toot his own horn too much.

My husband and I both took the day off of work today just to relax together and get ready for how our lives are about to drastically change. I know we still have several weeks, but we figured what the heck.

On our agenda today, first and foremost: breakfast @ the big biscuit! It also happens to be our puppy dog's 2nd birthday {or so we think} so we're going to take him to the pet store to pick out the biggest bone we can find for him. and this afternoon we plan on seeing the well-raved about movie "Fireproof". After that we may just relax, we may go to dinner, who knows. but I'm so looking forward to just spending the day with my best friend.

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