32w + 5d

Below is a link of pictures from the great baby shower that my sisters-in-law threw for me last saturday, 10/4. Thank you to everyone who was there, and to everyone who even though they couldn't make it still sent a sweet something for Ava Mae. We truly appreciate it!

here are the photos from the fun day!
and here is a better photo of the Pooh Quilt that my mom made for Ava. It gives a much clearer picture of the detail and work that went into making this. thanks mom!

Also--this photo of my mom and I where she is holding a green yarn -- we played ONE game {thank you guys for limiting it to one :)} where each person cut a piece of yarn to guess how big around my belly is. My mom was the closest, only over-shooting the size by a few inches! Becky came in a close second. and I think about everyone else thinks I'm a house :) but that's okay. no hard feelings -- I'm big and I'll own it! I do officially out-weigh my husband now...

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