extra notes

I forgot to mention that my book definitely mis-lead me. they are NOT able to tell the sex of the baby at 11 weeks like my dumb book said. However, what the dr did say is that if I were to have my baby now (NOT RECOMMENDED!) then once the baby is out, they could tell me what it is. it's worth the wait.

I think I really like this idea, and I'm pretty sure that once the baby is here this is a craft that I'll like to take on:

thanks to redenvelope.com.
We could do a cool theme, like mommy & daddy's handprints, and then the kiddo's hand print and maybe foot print. pretty cool, huh? Probably won't use the same color scheme they chose, but still a thought.
Also, a very cool idea for a diaper bag is this grey one, very metro so that Sam won't be ashamed to tote it when necessary :)

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