11w + 1d

the dr appt was a success! My dr said that I was healthy, and more importantly that the baby was growing at a very good pace. My blood pressure was 115/58, and, I lost 3 pounds. which, I think at this early in the pregnancy isn't that big of a deal, considering it is in part to having the flu the past 24 hours. The dr that did the ultra sound actually said she hasn't seen a baby this active in a VERY long time! I said, well that's good! she said...tell me that a few months from now...so we'll see. I asked Sam if he was a spastic kid...he said probably. so that's promising!

This first picture here looks a little alien-ish, if you will. but if you look closely, you can see where the little tyke's mouth is open! and the last picture I just love because you can see the little finger bones so clearly!



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