11 weeks!

well 11 weeks started out not so hot...with the flu that set in yesterday afternoon and is finally trying to wear off. so that could've been cooler. but oh well. this just gives me so much more sympathy for those women who are sick their entire pregnancy. I cannot imagine.

11 weeks = large lime according to my favorite pregnancy website ever. The 2nd trimester is approaching slowly, but I'm positive it will be here before I know it.

As it turns out, I'm like a freakin leaky faucet these days. anytime I turn on one of those durn baby shows (ie: bringing home baby, the first 36 hours; triple the triplets; a baby story) I CRY! I can't help it! I think what triggers it is a) seeing the mom trying so hard to have the baby, and then BAM! there it is, and the overwhelming joy in their faces to have their little one finally arrive! and b) is seeing how much these dads/husbands love their wife and their newborn. It's a side of guys that I don't see very often, as the men in my life (husband, dad, brothers) don't show their softest side too often. In fact, I asked Sam the other day if he thought he was going to cry when we have our baby...he said no...now I don't make bets too often, but if I was a betting woman, I do believe I'd win some money that day. We'll see. maybe he won't, maybe he'll be so solid and strong and happy that tears don't enter the room. Either way, I will probably be a basket case and I'm prepared :) I'm just getting some early practice in now.

tomorrow is the big 11 week appt, so that's going to be exciting. She's doing another ultra sound, for what I don't know why, but as long as she says we're both healthy and she's just checking up then I'm A-okay with it. and I really am going to try to post more than once a week. This one has just been tough with being sick and...well...lazy...

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