so I start a new job tomorrow morning. my heart hurts. mainly because I won't get to share every waking minute with my little aves (thanks to cousin C for the coined nickname). I know that I'm being irrational because most of the rest of the population of working women do not get to take their daughter to work with them. BUT, since I have been so blessed and spoiled with my opportunities, I am having to go thru this transition now. I'm hoping it's only short term, as my current job is slow, so I took a job offer at a local university as an administrative assistant for 2 months. So for now, this is the season I'm in, so for that I'm thankful.

on a happier note, Ava is a hoot. Her expressions are priceless. she laughs. she smiles. she sighs. she loves. she snuggles. she sleeps. she rolls. she cries. she lets her puppy dog give her kisses and gazes at him from here swing. she is the best thing that's happened to us and we are so blessed.

looking forward: this Friday she will be 5 months old. 5 MONTHS. wow how time truly flies.

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