Ava's been very busy today. Here are a few sweet moments captured in time to have forever:

Ava playing in the farm jungle gym at work. This is Hayden being so helpful to be sure her Tai Shan Panda doesn't fall off. What a good little helper in his pajamas and 'cowboy' hat...

We had some peaceful moments today as she slept the morning away. Which is more than I can say she did last night. Though she has been a great sleeper in the past (even earlier this week) last night she was NOT having it. Every time I'd get her to sleep in my arms, I'd lay her down and her dark eyes would immediately open and look right up and me and smile. After the 4th time between 3:30am-4am we just decided it best that we snuggle on the couch and watch the news until we both fell asleep together.

More bouncing in her farm and sucking on her arm. Two things she is very good at even at 4 months old.
smiling and taking up close pictures like a pro.

spending sweet time with her dear old D-A-D

sporting her first pair of blue jeans!!

and what better way to finish off the day than with some family time at home. we watched some Jeopardy, some Wheel of Fortune, and some USA Soccer.

A girl after her daddy's own heart.

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