oh the fun we have with this beautiful little girl. a quick update:

this little red bump by her lip :( it's a little blood blister that's been there for about a month now. we're thinking it maybe got pinched by her bottle once, but we're not sure. it broke open yesterday and bled for 3 straight hours. we tried to hold pressure on it, and she finally fell asleep allowing me to hold her purple blanket on it to stop the bleeding. it's a sad scene, she has a white onesie that is covered in blood, along with her blanket. it's better now, still there but at least it stopped bleeding.

her buddy Hayden always takes care of her at work. We won't be seeing as much of him for the next month-2 months because I recently got a new temporary job that will last the next couple months. Once that's over with then hopefully we'll go back and get to see him everyday again.

I think the proof is in the pudding that we hung out with Carolyn and Julia last night...see below...(note: the crown, not the tears)

she's getting stronger and stronger as days go by. she loves propping herself up on her elbows now. she's on her way to quickly being able to crawl.

and, she likes being on her belly so much, she even prefers to eat like that sometimes. doesn't look comfortable at all to me, but she seems to love it. it's easy to see she gets what she wants.

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