I'm inspired by this blog-mom: I think I should "go green" more. I am not nearly as enthusiastic as she is--but it's something to strive to. this is from her blog:

Here are some green keywords/tips:SIMPLIFY!!! Learn to live SIMPLY!!!!Give away! Don't buy excess!!! Buy used!!! Buy only what you need!!!!Eat local!! Eat seasonally!!! Eat vegetarian!!!! Eat ORGANIC!!!!Rather than hug a tree, PLANT a tree! Plant native!! Clean naturally!! Say NO to chemicals!!! Make healthy smart decisions!!!! RESEARCH!!!Have houseplants!!! Open your windows!!!! Turn off your A/C and ON your fans!!!!! Turn your refrigerator to 37 degrees and freezer to 3!!! Turn OFF your lights!!!Install CFL's in your home!! Wash laundry COLD!! Air dry your laundry!!!!THINK!!! ACT!!!!Buy organic cotton products or other sustainable materials!!! Buy fair trade!!!!GREEN REMODEL/BUILD!!!Walk and bike where possible!!!! Take public transportation where possible!!!Use biodiesel!!! Install low-flow showerheads!! Collect rainwater!!! DON'T overwater! Install a water filter!Get a reusable water bottle and coffee mug!!!! DON'T buy bottled water!!! Buy and USE reusable bags in lieu of paper or plastic!!COMPOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Refuse!! Reduce!!!! Reuse!!!! Recycle!!!!! Restore!!!!!! Precycle!!!!!!!CONSERVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Happy Earth Day!!!!

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