God is so good

See how awesome God is in the details.

Saturday morning the roads were terrible due to the snow from early that morning. I was on my way to Commerce Bank (6:15am or so is when I left my house). I was driving the wrangler so Sam could have my car with the car seat for Ava. I had slid two times, very minor, but none-the-less enough to grip my attention while driving.
I was on I-70 Westbound before Blue Ridge Cutoff. There were probably 4-5 cars around me or in my little pack of cars, plenty up ahead and (come to find out later TONS behind me). The jeep started sliding and all of a sudden I spun 90 degrees and am going 40 mph sideways down I-70. I felt the wind almost tip me sideways but it didn’t. I spun around another 90 degrees and at some point I took my foot off the clutch and next thing I know I’m sitting in the fast lane, car dead, hands gripping the steering wheel and I’m facing oncoming traffic. I just see headlights coming towards me, and I see a couple cars switch lanes so as to not hit me.

I don’t think I sat there for very long. Then I just had such clarity of thought (thanks to God I firmly believe) and just remember thinking: You need to start the car and pull off to the shoulder. Unexplainably there was a clearing of cars long enough that I was able to get over all 3 lanes and sit on the shoulder for a minute to get my bearings. I called Sam, my hands were shaking so bad and I was trying not to cry because I was so shook up. Then, while talking to him on the phone, the highway was just flooded with cars, semis, trucks, you name it. I was in awe that just minutes, just SECONDS before there weren’t even enough cars to block any of the 3 lanes and now there wasn’t even room for me to get back onto the highway so I could exit at the next off-ramp because there were so many vehicles.

I just wanted to tell you guys my story from the weekend. I am so thankful. God is good.

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