nothing is sweeter to my eyes than this:

and these are from a couple of weeks ago - at church the fire alarm went off so we all got sent outside for safety.  turns out someone burnt the popcorn.  but we used our time wisely and took pictures of aves.

and really, why wouldn't you rock a cowboy hat AND bunny slippers at the same time?  I mean, come on.

fall is almost here!  fall is my very favorite. 
fall means baking cookies galore, cooking homemade (beanless) chili with cornbread muffins,
and these days it means increasing my nonexistant sewing skills {I haven't posted any samples yet because they definitely are not up to par yet.  but I'm practicing on my new (old) used-to-be-grandma's sewing machine that I got from my grandpa!}

It ALSO means pumpkin patches and apple orchards that are yet to be had! 
and here is a picture of what is to come this Halloween 2010 -  I know what you're thinking, and I agree.  It will be much cuter once ava has it on.  TINKERBELL!

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