1. purchase piano
2. bribe strong men with food
3. done

we are happy girls in our home!!!  I've been waiting since Friday to post this post!  thanks to a strong and willing husband (who goes along with my crazy ideas!) and strong familiy/friends, and tacos!: 

thanks SO much to my husband (Sam), my dad (Jim), my brother-in-law (Nathan), my cousin (Erv), and two good friends Chris and Kevin.  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MOVING MY PIANO!  We apprecaite it so much, really!!

Ava's 1st piano!

Ava and her grandma playing the piano


She's warming up to the ivories!


I started taking piano when I was 5-ish and played until at least 18.  Ava hasn't quite turned two yet, but I figure it's never too soon, right?  AND - it was $50.  Yep.  $50.  Craigslist baby.  And other than those crazy craigslist killers out there, craigslist is a beautiful thing!

next project: paint the piano bench and ask my mom to refinish the top cause this thing doesn't match at all!

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