Dear 4 years ago:
How the heck did you fly by so fast?! 
4 years ago today I became Mrs. Sam Lane. 
4 years ago I married my very best friend. 
And 4 years ago I can honestly say was the best day of my life. 
(and now I know you might be thinking - but Jami, what about when ava was born?  and any mom's out there can tell you that birthing a child in-and-of-itself makes it not the best day.  best addition to your family - yes.  best day - no.  the thing is, I used to actually think that - that the day my kids were born would tie with my wedding day as my best day.  but back then, I had no idea what birthing a child actually meant.  boy was I an idiot.) 
Happy anniversary baby.  I love you.

And now, four beautiful, messy years later:

and just for fun every year I wear my fancy wedding earrings no matter where we go.  this year we went to Cafe Verona. 
maybe last year too come to think of it...
Mainly I do it because they're my favorite and they're one of those things that makes you feel pretty simply by wearing them.  sounds dumb and superficial, I know.  but I'm just being real.

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