ava has words!

almost 10 months old, and she has words:

this is no exaggeration either.  I know what you're thinking.  that we are just hearing syllabols and giving her more credit where credit is due.  but we're not.  dada and mama is a loose interpretation, I'll give you that - I'll say "give your dada kisses", or "where's your dada?", or even "dada's making your bottle".  she knows who dada is, she'll look over in his direction, though she doesn't look at him and say "dada" as if it's his name.  same for mama, but she just started saying mama the other day, and mainly just practicing her M's, but she still definitely says it.

but kitty?  she knows what the heck she's talking about.  first it was at her grandma's house and said kitty over and over again to their white cat, seniorita.  then when we got home we let jaxon out and she did it again, several times. 

so, not just exaggerating, she knows. 
she also knows what "bottle" means, though she doesn't say it yet.  she gets SUPER excited if we ask her if she wants one.  and HEAVEN FORBID we offer her one and then get distracted by something else, like changing her diaper, or turning on the tv, or taking the dog outside.  no no.  once we utter those words, we MUST follow thru immediately or else all hell breaks loose in our house and she goes NUTS.  I mean she YELLS at us.  so, for now, we play by her rules.  it's best that way.

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