can she really be this big? almost 8 months (on saturday) already?!?

at night time sometimes she chooses not to cooperate. (I know what you're thinking: no way! an infant? difficult at night time? that's not normal...)

anyway, there are times I can lay her in her crib, she'll fuss a round or two, and give up and doze off into blissful sleep (for a few hours...). and there are other times that it requires a bottle and mommy to snuggle as bribery before she'll go to sleep for the night (or for a few hours...).

She's a pretty good sleeper. She just likes to snuggle at about 1:45am. every. single. night.

and there are those times like early this morning when I woke up at 4:45am to her sitting up right next to me - just starting at me. and you can't ration with an 8 month old. so she just kept playing. finally we had to bribe her back to sleep with a bottle. (like you've never bribed your infant. come on. don't judge.)
and who knows even what time I went and got her from her crib to lay in our bed to begin with. I certainly don't. that got lost somewhere in the night. and once we got her back to sleep (c: 5:15am-ish) I didn't want to move her. so last night we had a slumber party for most of the night.
oh well.

baby girl got a new hat...

and this evening when I was cooking, we laid her down for a nap. all this time we thought she was sleeping... (tilt your head to the left)

nope. wrong-O mom. play time = all the time.
and Ava's newest feat: she knows how to clap! consciously too, not just accidentally so I'm bragging like she's a pro. She really IS a pro!

I don't know how mom's, working mom's especially, but even non-working mom's with more children than 1 get ANYTHING extra-curricular done. I say more power to you. I am exhausted.

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Christina said...

She is so cute, and such a little genius. I love the little hand reaching for Eyor. (sp?)