well, here it is. my very first attempt at homemade baby food. sweet potatoes; aka yams.
3 baked sweet potatoes + water to suit + mini food processor = ava's dinner for the next however long 2 ice cube trays full lasts. we're slowly starting her on solid foods. green beans were NOT a hit. sweet potatoes were however. we'll see if my version meets the challenge of the loved Gerber brand. (if you do this at home be sure to cover the trays before freezing; once frozen, pop out and put in freezer bag & label; the website says it should only stay in the freezer for about a month.)

we started her on sweet potatoes a few days ago and her body seems to be liking them just fine. so we added an avocado to her dinner tonight. she wasn't a fan at first, but avocado covered in sweet potatoes seemed to do the trick!

Here are a few more things I'm going to try my hand at. the website where I found some good recipies is http://www.wholesomebabyfood.com/. They also give charts for what the typical baby's body can handle and when (excluding any allergies that a baby might have). so Ava's diet for 4-6 months consists right now of breast milk, formula, baby cereal, sweet potatoes and avocado. but we'll soon be adding: homemade applesauce; bananas; greenbeans (in some form to where she will eat them...that might entail coating them with sweet potatoes); more avocado; and acorn / butternut squash. she's by far the healthiest eater in our house.

and, this was my exciting find at the store:

for all the fresh food we'll be feeding to our daughter (boiled down of course and pureed to it's smoothest form) and for all our fresh-food-eating in the future. I'm hoping Ava's diet rubs off on us...but I'm not holding my breath.

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