22 weeks

our sweet Ava keeps getting bigger and bigger each day! Her senses are developing daily and she's exploring the sense of touch by touching her arms, legs, and even face...and my insides...
Most evenings I can feel her before I go to bed moving around in there, and most mornings. Now-a-days though I even feel her up and around during the day, which is very cool.

And for a non-baby update...WE'VE MOVED! We bought our house and are nearly 2/3 of the way moved in! Saturday is the big U-haul/furniture day. We have our mattresses already moved, we were too excited so we wanted to start sleeping there as soon as possible. We have a dog (Rex) and a cat (Jaxon) [see photos below] who we've already moved over there with us and they are quickly getting accustomed to the ins and outs and all the secret hiding places they can find. My mom, dad, brother, sister in law & sweet nieces saved the day yesterday. We had no hot water, even though the lady at the gas places swears that the gas is on. We had pilot light issues. But with much persistance my dad finally got it working! and thanks to him and Brandon, Jaxon has a safe haven away from Rex as they installed a cat door so now he has one place he can run to where his brother won't be attacking him...

our new home...

the day we bought our first house, 7/28/08


Jaxon (nicer than this picture makes him look...though 100% just as much of a troublemaker...)

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